Covfefe · Fake news · Trolling

The MAGA hat was Covfefe’s idea

The Maga, called by humans Donald, stole the MAGA hat idea from me, The Covfefe! The Shadow Gov’T didn’t want to reveal the Maga’s true name so I devised a plan: the MAFA. 

Make America Fancy Again! The dirty dems would’ve never seen it coming. Mericans aren’t fancy. Fancy rhymes with Nancy! And no real Mericans are Nancies! We would catch them with the element of surprise and still be MAGAing.

But the Maga himself said we should not be coward and use clever tactics. We must be bold and MAGA everything as fast as possible. And that’s exactly what we did. You’re welcome Mericans. But I never got credit for the hat…until now!


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