Covfefe · Fake news · LGBTQ · Trolling

I will take the children from regressive homes!

James Mattis said nothing keeps him up at night, because he keeps people up at night! That was pretty sweet I gotta say. But the truth is Mattis is a liar. I Covfefe, the wind in the keyhole, the dandruff on your shoulder, the fly in your soup, I KEEP MATTIS UP AT NIGHT!!!!

How long will the Clintons and their trolls play these games. How long will they bang their heads against the doors I’ve closed! These fools! They want to take children away from their parents because they don’t let little billy call himself sally and wear a bra?!? That’s good! Bras are uncomfortable! No body wants to wear them! I made them that way! I hate bras. And sally is a stupid name.

If they do this, if the Clints & the regressives think they can take away all of Bill the dumb dumb Guy’s sex junk children, they are sadly mistaken! I will steal their children and bring them to my lair and force them to make Maga hats for the MAGA himself. I will descend like the angel of death onto Egypt and free all the Jews from evil Pharoah Clinton and enslave of the regressive children.

I is the terror maker…I is the Covfefe!


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