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Covfefe made Wonder Woman great againĀ 

It is hard to believe but I am why Wonder Woman was the greatest movie ever made. You see I am the shadow in the darkness. I am the emails on Hillary’s blackberry. And I am the sabotage of Superman. That’s right I made all the DC movies suck. I let them do 1 or 2 okay ones then I sabotage them.

How else do you explain Superman and Super 2-4? That was me. Or Batman and then Batman Returns-Robin? I didn’t think TDK would be very good so I left well enough alone. But after I saw how good it was…I bought a plane ticket to Australia…and that’s history.

The Marvel movies were so bad for so long I didn’t need to do anything there. But really it is because Diana is my favorite. I’ve always been in love with her and I wanted to make her shine. So I ruined superhero movies just enough so they would keep making them but never be better than my lady was going to be. Because my lady is the best. My Gal is the best gal. My Gal belongs to Covfefe.